Greenways – The Necklace of the North

The proposed cycling expedition runs mainly through the Greenway “Necklace of the North” route, by the Bory Tucholskie, including Zaborski Landscape Park and areas around the National Park “Tucholskie” and around Czluchow. The trail has outstanding natural and cultural values due to valuable protected areas, through which it runs, and along the way, an attractive village with architectural gems. It is perfect for two, and even three-day bicycle trip, with an overnight in the villages over one of the most picturesque Zaborski lakes (eg. Rolbik, Laska, Swornegacie or Kopernica). The trail is marked with colour green.

The route uses only a small part of the entire trail. The expedition begins in Czersk. To get there you can take a train in Gdansk that goes to Czluchow (or to Chojnice) where there are also train connections to Gdansk. In the area of Przechlewo there is possible re-routing to the north to Miastko (PKP railway connection Slupsk – Szczecinek), or to continue the tour on the trail “Necklace of the North” to Czluchow.

Marking of the “Greenway” route is specific. Generally, these are the signs picturing a green bicycle painted on trees. Here and there, especially in the Zaborski National Park, the marking network is complemented by new clear directional signs. The trail itself was laid long time ago and some of the signs are already damaged and quite destroyed. On some sections of the route instead of the bike are only white squares, which at intersections creates some problems with orientation. On the other hand, in comparison with many other routes, the number of characters is large and using signs and a map, the trail is rather difficult to get lost. Landscapes surrounding the area, through which the route leas fully compensate for this inconvenience.

The main goal of the initiative of the “Green trails – Greenways” is to promote the protection of natural and cultural heritage and stimulation of the local economy through tourism-friendly environment. The program as a non-governmental initiative developed in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, was launched in 2000. It is implemented in the framework of the international association “Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development”, which is a consortium of foundations operating in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

The Greenways CEG network includes now nine long-distance greenways and a dozen or more local urban trails. All green routes (Greenways) in Central and Eastern Europe are implemented according to common criteria. CEG program is being expanded to include new initiatives and partner organizations from other countries in the region, especially Austria, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia.

The trail “The Necklace of the North” was labeled in 2002. It is managed by the Foundation” The Necklace of the North” from Debrzno. It leads from Debrzno through four voivodeships forming a loop with a length of 870 km.

The idea of Greenways trails (“Green Routes”) is to promote ecological tourist routes, leading through natural forest roads, asphalt roads with little traffic, along rivers and railway lines leading through villages with historical, cultural and natural values. For this reason, a significant part of the track leads through dirt roads through forest areas of the Tuchola Forest. Especially in Zabory (from Lesno to Konarzyny) some parts of the trail are quite sandy and difficult to pass at times. Therefore, bicycles with wide tires are recommended on the trail.

Distance of the trail: 138 km

Track difficulty: moderately difficult route

Parent surface: mixed

The time it takes to cover the route: 2-3 days

Recommended type of bike: mountain bike

Route: Czersk – Swornegacie – Człuchów


0 km – Czersk (train station). Neo-Gothic church of the early 20th century with valuable interior furnishings (including Mannerist altar with a painting of St. Trinity by Herman Han). From the station we head north, passing through the railways tracks. To see the center of the village, you should go in the opposite direction and then turn back.

6.0 km – Lubna.

7.6 km – Gotelp.

12.5 km – Odry. Poland’s largest burial of mounds and stone circles (nature reserve). These circles were built the Goths who were staying in the area during 1st– 3rd century AD

17.0 km – Wojtal. The bridge over the river Wda.

24.4 km – Miedzno. Holiday village on the canoe trail of the river Wda.

20.4 km – Karsin. A large and long (more than 2 km) communal village, the wooden church of the early 20th century.

26.0 km – Wiele. Summer resort at the Lake Wielewskie and one of the most important religious centers in Pomorskie. Calvary with 22 chapels from the years 1915 to 1927, the neo-Baroque church with rich décor of 18th century.

34.0 km – Lubnia. Close to it is the railway station (with connections to Chojnice and Koscierzyna).

38.2 km – Lesno. The small, picturesque Zaborska village situated near the lakes. Baroque wooden church with historic decor and powerful, the highest in Pomorskie region wooden tower. In the nearby forest by the lake there are little-known stone circles and burial mounds (completely different in appearance from the circles in Odry).

42.4 km – Kaszuba. Old mill of 19th century.

48.0 km – Rolbik. Holiday village on the Zbrzyca trail. Behind the village there is a vantage point on lakes in the valley of Zbrzyca.

51.7 km – Widno. Holiday village on the Zbrzyca trail.

53.3 km – Laska. Holiday village situated by the lake Laska – a reserve, protecting waterfowl breeding sites

61.0 km – Parszczenica.

Warning! We turn towards the south, sharp climbs and descents.

69.0 km – Witoczno. A boating watchtower by the lake of the same name. Here meet canoe trails of Brda and Zbrzyca.

70.8 km – Swornegacie. “Capital of canoeing” and attractive resort in the buffer zone of the National Park “Tucholskie” on the Lake Karsińskie. A node of hiking trails. An object worth seeing is a neo-baroque church and Kashubian Folk Crafts House.

71.8 km – Kokoszka. Chocina River.

Warning! a forest passage with a very sandy surfaces, poorly marked.

82.3 km – Babilon. Holiday village with a pre-war building of the old border guard (now resort). Turn into the provincial road leaving the forest roads.

88.5 km – Konarzyny. Baroque church.

91.5 km – Sapolno Czluchowskie. Warning! From Sapolno Czluchowskie we leave the Greenways trail and ride the county road to Przechlewo, where we can go back to Czluchow through “greenways”, visiting on the way charming wooden churches or go north and through the beautiful woodlands get to Miastko.

97.5 km – Przechlewo. A large beautifully situated village with an aura of a small town. A beautiful church baroque and neo-gothic style with a half-timbered western part topped with a baroque helmet and neo-Gothic choir and transept, the baroque interior.

102.0 km – Pakotulsko. The village on the Lake Szczytno, on the trail of the Brda River, near the nature reserve “Housing of the Cormorants.”

107.0 km – Koprzywnica. In the vicinity of the village again we drive on a dirt road.

111.1 km – Gwiezdzin. A baroque wooden church from 17th-18th century.

Warning! long driveways.

119.3 km – Olszanowo. A charming half-timbered baroque church. Warning! sharp descents.

126.5 km – Krepsk. Beautiful wooden church of the 18th century.

136.0 km – Czluchow. A Teutonic castle with a magnificent tower, a baroque church, the campsite on the large lake Rychnowskie. Railway station located in the southern part of the city.

138.0 km – Czluchow (train station). From Czluchow runs a fairly small number of trains; within 16 km there is Chojnice, where it is easier to use a public transport. The city itself is also worthy of attention (a beautiful old town, two historic churches, fortifications).


zamek czluchow
zamek czluchow
kosciol w debrznie
kosciol w debrznie
kalwaria we wielu
kalwaria we wielu
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fc8ae93bbe2990fcd73dcfa3a7c3bc33 scaled




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