Yews over the Czerska Struga (the Czersk Stream)

This section is fenced off and can be only accessed via designated paths, planned in such a way as to show the most interesting parts of the forest, featuring examples of the European yew.

The reserve is located 3 km from Czersk, near voivodeship road No. 237 Czersk – Tuchola. From the west, it borders on meadows lying in the valley of the Czerska Struga. About 0.5 km to the east from the reserve, you can find Lake Świdno.

You can also reach the reserve by car, leave it at the forest car park, and then take a 200-metre walk. Alternatively, following the Home Army Guerrilla Blue Trail, at some point deviate from it, have a look at the reserve, and go back to the trail. Information boards for tourists have been placed in the car park and at the reserve’s entrance gate.

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