The Sierra Golf Club

Currently, the club associates over 220 members. The number of golf enthusiasts is constantly growing, which is raising the level of the game. Each year new, prestigious events are introduced to the calendar.

The golf course belonging to the Sierra Golf Club was designed by a Scot, Cameron Sinclair. During the preparatory works, a model of the natural topography was created using a cutting-edge GPS system. The natural lie of the land was expanded into numerous hills and valleys, and the streams and backwaters were cleaned and widened. The land of the course was drained and the whole usable area was equipped with a computerised and integrated irrigation system. The Sierra Golf Club has 38 self-propelled golf carts with an innovative “Golf GPS” system. This device features an 11-inch LCD screen and Wi-Fi connection. Such a system supports players by, for example, displaying maps, distances, player’s location, results, information and advice. The system allows live communication with the Club House, thanks to which the players have the possibility to order sandwiches and beverages and the reception personnel can signal storms or emergency situations.




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