Through the Tricity Landscape Park – Route A

The landscape park provides the lucky traveller with the chance to take-in nearly mountainous vistas, kilometres of forest paths and tracks, surprisingly large numbers of strollers, and beautiful beech forests. The landscape park is truly an invitation to all visitors to enjoy active leisure. A dense network of tourist trails covers the park. While strolling around the park, it is worth-while following these trails, as the plethora of here and there intersecting trails and forest paths does not make it easier to orientate oneself. What is more, the hills in the park further restrict distant visibility.

The route we propose starts in the centre of Gdynia, runs through forests and crosses the peripheral districts of the city located in the uplands of Chwarzno and Karwiny. It ends in Sopot – in the Kamienny Potok district. As in the whole of the park, you will need to traverse substantial differences in elevation between the coastal terrace, on which the majority of Tricity is located, and the uplands located ca. 100 metres further along the route.

Length: 18 km

Difficulty: easy

Predominating surface: asphalt and dirt roads

Time needed to complete the trail: 2-3 hours

Recommended type of bicycle: trekking / mountain bike

Route: Gdynia Główna – Sopot Wyścigi


0 km – Gdynia Główna (the train station). We go through a tunnel under Morska Street to get to Wolności Street, then we proceed upwards. This is a long and tiring uphill section, with an approx. 70 metres difference in elevation.

1.2 km – the end of Wolności Street, the border of a forest and the Tricity Landscape Park. Here, we enter a forest path that constitutes an extension of the street. This is the beginning of the green trail, which is later accompanied by the blue trail.

4.3 km – a fork in the trail. At this point, you can choose from two variants of the route, both of the same length. By choosing the blue trail, you will by-pass Chwarzno, and ride through the forest, crossing Chwarznieńska Street to the Kacza stream valley (km 6.0). The ongoing description concerns the green trail.

4.5 km – Chwarzno. This is the end of the green trail. To get to it, go along the verge of the forest, then along a short stretch of Chwarznieńska Street, and turn left after ca. 250 metres, entering the forest again.

5,0 km – The Kacza Stream (river) Valley. You will find yourself again on the blue trail. Travel down it into the valley.

7.2 km – a fork in the trail and the start of the red trail. Continue cycling along the blue trail. Nearby, you can find the railway tracks of the pre-war main line. This is currently being modernised as part of “Metropolitan Rail” (a route to Kościerzyna).

8.9 km – Karwiny. The end of the blue trail. Ride into the forest and go along Z. Nałkowskiej Street to Chwarznieńska Street, and then back up along Starodworcowa Street, through the Wielki Kack district to the rail line.

11.0 km – Wielki Kack. The end of Starodworcowa Street. Using a short linking trail, ride into the upland, then cross a set of railway tracks (a 50-m uphill section) to reach the highest point of the excursion. Now you are pretty much “over the hump”.

11.7 km – You should reach a forest path. This is part of another blue trail. From here, head right and south. On the right, you will see (and hear) the traffic that is upon the Tricity ring road.

13.0 km – The Gołębiewo Forest Service. Do not go straight to the buildings, but turn left onto an asphalt forest path. This is Mikołaja Reja Street upon which no car traffic is allowed. This will lead you to Sopot through the picturesque valley of the Karlikowski Stream. Warning: You are in for several kilometres of a pretty steep downhill ride.

17.7 km – An intersection with Armii Krajowej Street.

18.2 km – Sopot – Kamienny Potok (an urban rail station). From here, you can take an urban train, or you can continue your journey to Gdańsk-Oliwa or to the sea.


w lasach trojmiejskiego parku krajobrazowego
w lasach trojmiejskiego parku krajobrazowego



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