Ring of the Bay of Puck

A unique, bicycle route in Poland, running almost the entire length directly on the shores of the Bay of Puck. It abounds in numerous attractions, great views, and also gives you the opportunity to learn about the culture of the Northern Kashubia.

Pierścień Zatoki Puckiej, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Pierścień Zatoki Puckiej, fot. Pomorskie Travel

uklad urbanistyczny miasta puck

Puck, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Due to a very well-developed accommodation base, one should stay on a peninsula a little longer. From Swarzewo to Gdynia the route is marked in blue.

The route is quite easy and runs, in a large part, separated by bike ( through the Hel Peninsula), asphalt roads and concrete panels and at times through the forest vistas (from Puck to Gdynia). Gravel surface occurs between Swarzewo and Puck and between Hel and Jurata and small hills on these parts of road seem a bit tiresome. However, this does not detract from the viewing advantages of the outstanding routes.

The trip can be stopped in several places (eg. in Puck) and return to Gdynia by train. From Puck it is possible to change the route in the direction of Krokowa (17 km of new cycle route of the former railway line), or of Rumia along the trail R10 on the flat terrain and good surface.

Nad Zatoką Pucką, fot. S. Nitka/ Pomorskie Travel

Nad Zatoką Pucką, fot. S. Nitka/ Pomorskie Travel

Distance: 76 km

Track difficulty: easy route

Main surface: road cycling, ground

The time it takes to cover the route: 8-10 hours

Recommended type of bike: trekking bike

Route: Hel – Puck – Gdynia


0 km – Hel (train station). The unusual town at the end of (beginning of Poland. Beaches, lighthouse, sealarium, fortifications, Wiejska street with rural fishing buildings, a Fishing Museum in a Gothic church, a marina, a fishing port and a former naval base.

0.8 km – Defense of Hel Museum

9.8 km – Jurata. Pier, beach, a rope park, bars and restaurants.

12.6 km – Jastarnia. Fishing port and marina, fishing church, Museum Under a Thatched Roof, “Cottage of the Fisherman”, Sychty street – the main shopping and walking street, beach, fortifications of the Resistance Centre of Jastarnia from 1939.

20.0 km – Kuznica. Fishing port, neo-Gothic church, Mount Libek, beach.

25.5 km – Chalupy. Beach, a small marina.

32.7 km – Wladyslawowo. One of the most popular seaside resorts. Fishing port and marina, Fisherman’s House with a viewpoint and the Museum of Butterflies, Hallerowka – Museum of the Puck region, bars and restaurant, beach.

36.3 km – Swarzewo. A Shrine of Our Lady Swarzewska, a baroque chapel – the well, a small marina on the Bay of Puck, a fishing museum.

42.6 km – Puck (description at Route 9).

46.0 km – Bladzikowo. We go towards the sea through dirt road. We cross the bridge and we enter the cliff of Rzucewo.

50.3 km – Rzucewo. The palace of the first half of the 19th century now the hotel Jan III Sobieski castle, palace park, a small water watchtower on the Bay of Puck, archaeological site – seal hunters settlement on the promontory of Rzucewo, picturesque Forest Rzucewo, linden avenue.

54.2 km – Reserve “Beka”. A valuable ornithological reserve at the mouth of the river Reda. In addition to rare species of birds under protection there are here marshy salt meadows rich with unique species of halophytic plants.

57.5 km – Former Power Plant “Wybrzeze” ash landfill. Turn left behind the signs, on the right there is trail R10 in the direction of Rumia and Gdynia.

63.2 km – Mechelinki. The beach, fishing pier, snack bars, nice cliff. Near the loop we go uphill on a dirt road, followed by “Mountains Grunwaldowe”. Nice panoramic view of the bay, forest road leads to the Pierwoszyno.

66.8 km – Pierwoszyno, then Kosakowo. Bicycle path along the fence of the airport, then dirt road to the Dabka street, next to the new shopping center.

69.8 km – Gdynia (Dabka street). Access to SKM Gdynia Chylonia train station via the Unruga street and Pucka street or PKP Gdynia Glowna station via Kwiatkowskiego street, Janka Wisniewskiego street (both routes approx. 6 km long).



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