The wreck of the Bryza (Breeze) cutter

At the bottom of the sea, some several dozen metres from the beach in Hel, lies “Bryza”, a sunken cutter that once served as a support vessel for the Navy. It was sunk deliberately to become an attraction for the seekers of underwater treasures.

The vessel was towed to the scuttling site by the Hel tugboat m/s OCEAN. The underwater works were performed by the Bałtyckie Przedsiębiorstwo Nurkowe (the Baltic Diving Company) vessel “EXPLORER” from Gdynia. With the cutter’s prow and stern moored to buoys and three anchors attached to maintain the direction of sinking, the process of taking the ship to the sea bottom was initiated. Equipped with a diving helmet, the diver descended to the engine room and opened the Kingstons (Kingston valves) placed in the bilges. Bryza was filled with water and the specially-prepared holes in the boards and bulkheads helped flood the vessel. Water started to make its way through the engine room, the galley and the bridge to make Bryza fade into the Baltic sea.



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