The Fishing Museum in Hel (a department of the National Museum of the Sea)

The Museum of Fishing in Hel is a department of the National Museum of the Sea. It is headquartered in the post-evangelical Peter and Paul Church, which operated in this building during the years 1525-1945.

It is also the oldest preserved building on Hel. The post-evangelical building was given to the National Museum of the Sea in 1972. The exposition of the Museum of Fishing is composed of a permanent exhibition, and a field exhibition of boats and a view tower.

The permanent exhibition inside the building presents a theme associated with past and present fishing on the Baltic Sea, and tools used for fishing. The presented fauna and flora of the Baltic Sea introduces us to the subject of sea pollution and contemporary problems of ecology.

The museum’s courtyard is home to traditional fishing boats, including the “pomeranka”, a seagoing fishing boat over 8 metres in length, and “Dziunia”, which was part of the equipment of the scientific station in Antarctica. The front of the building is crowned with a view tower overlooking the Hel panorama and the Bay of Puck. The only preserved mobile keepsake from the accessories of the church is an 18th Century bell, which is currently standing in the entrance hall.

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