Pętla Parchowska (the Parchowo Loop)

Of specific note of the area around this locality is the scenery, generously adorned with picturesque hills and beautiful ribbon lakes. The surrounding pristine nature, almost untouched by civilisation, is truly something to take in. The Parchowo Loop is slightly more than 23 km long, and it leads through the most interesting areas in the commune, giving the traveller a chance to enjoy the natural wealth and beauty of this part of Kashubia. The route is of average difficulty, but if we are to take into account the differences in elevation, it may appear tiring for less-experienced cyclists. However, we think it is the perfect choice for your first cycling contact with the Kashubian scenery.

In the Parchowo Commune, there are ca. 50 km of marked trails for cyclists and cross-country skiers. Another interesting trail running nearby is “Pętla Nakielska” (the Nakla Loop), which is 20 km long.

Length: 23 km

Difficulty: average

Predominating surface: dirt and asphalt roads

Time needed to complete the trail: 3 hours

Recommended type of bicycle: mountain / trekking bike

Route: Parchowo – Nakla – Parchowo


0 km – Parchowo. A Kashubian village dating back to Teutonic times. Found within it are the Neo-Romantic St Nicholas’ Church with its beautiful Baroque furnishings, as well as a Palace and park from the 19th century (currently, an educational centre). Moreover, one can encounter wooden cottages from the 19th century. Here, one can rent bikes from the “Kaszubskie Rowery” bicycle rental.

2.4 km – Jamnowski Młyn. Noted for a Pope’s stone (near the bridge on the Słupia).

3.5 km – Jamno. The old buildings of the Polish Border Guard from the inter-war period, as well as two archaeological sites in the form of strongholds from the 8th-9th and 11th centuries.

6.9 km – Gołczewo. A regional crafts chamber, an interesting ethnic exhibition of old farming equipment.

10.6 km – Lake Stropno.

10.8 km – Lake Glinowskie. A place to rest, with a pier and a tourist shelter.

15.1 km – Nakla. A modern church with interesting décor.

19.5 km – Lake Mausz. A broad and truly gorgeous lake, one of the most beautiful in Kashubia. There are numerous resorts in the vicinity. The lake is noted for its water-tourism infrastructure and catering facilities.

23.3 km – Parchowo.




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