Parchowski Młyn

The Struga is a small tributary of the Słupia, serving mainly to discharge the surplus of water from the nearby Lake Mausz. The wooden building of the mill was placed on a stone foundation which to this day supports the historic structure. The mill complex includes a turbine, a barrage, and a reservoir.

Another spot of interest in Parchowski Młyn is the lonely cottage at the foot of the forest. It is a historic wooden Kashubian cottage, built here 100 years ago. The cottage is currently the property of the Kubica family. Originally, it served as a residence for the farmhands employed by the current owner’s father. The owner’s husband – Józef Kubica, a seaman of Silesian descent – runs a saw mill and an artisan’s workshop producing wooden goods.

Parchowski Młyn is the starting point of “At the Słupia’s Springs” cycling route, which runs for about 5 km leading to Parchowo.

Foto: M.Bieliński, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP




Distance — 15.9 KM

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