St. Nicholas the Bishop’s Church in Parchowo

The Parchowo land includes villages which, from the early Middle Ages to the end of World War II, were first owned by the Griffins and then by the Prussian-German Empire and the German Reich. From the Middle Ages, the second part of the present-day Parchowo was in Polish Pomerania. The Parchowo parish was part of the complicated history of those times.

The first mentions of its existence date back to the 13th Century. Currently, in Parchowo there is the beautiful St. Nicholas parish church from 1854. Inside this church, located on a hill and surrounded by the cemetery, there is a Baroque baptismal font from the old wooden church and the main altar, with a wooden cross with the crucified Christ (allegedly from the old church too). On both sides of the main altar there are the side altars, with the painting of Our Lady of Częstochowa on the left side and St. Nicholas, the the Patron Saint of the church, on the right.

It is also worth visiting Parchowo to see the Romanesque-Revival brick church on a small hill with a picturesque view over the Kashubian panorama.

Autor: J.Musioł, LOT Kaszuby Bytowskie

Foto: M.Bieliński, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP




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