The Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Lubieszewo

The village’s peculiarity is the Gothic Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, erected in the mid-14th Century. The temple in Lubieszewo stands out from among the numerous Gothic sanctuaries in Żuławy with its rich interiors. Its Baroque altars are truly captivating: the high altar with a painting portraying the church’s Patron Saint , St. Elizabeth, and flanking side altars. A curious detail is a painting covering the right altar, which depicts the scene of St. Barbara’s martyrdom, set against the landscape of Żuławy, where you can recognise the churches in Orłowo, Lubiszewo and Tuja, and also the castle in Nowy Dwór Gdański, which did not survive into modern times. Other distinctive decor components include a richly-ornamented pulpit, Baroque pews and confessionals, and an organ front. The wooden ceiling boasts an interesting polychrome depicting an allegory of heaven with the scene of the Coronation of the Virgin. The most valuable and the oldest monuments in the temple include a gothic sculpture of the Virgin and Child, dating back to 1375, and a bell, baptismal font and stoup from the turn of the 15th Century.

Foto: M. Bieliński – Dep. Turystyki UMWP




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