St Lawrence’s Church in Brzezie

It is currently one of the few churches from the beginning of the 19th century, in which the faithful still pray.

In 1923, it underwent a thorough rebuild, during which, the church was also developed. At this time, new side aisles were added, as was an annex forming the western porch. What is more, two newly-built annexes extended the side aisles. The previous shingle roofing was also replaced by roofing tiles.

The bell tower is an interesting part of this building. It is located on a level above the western part of the church. In addition, it is covered over with a Baroque cupola, which is topped with an octagonal blind roof lantern. The church was erected based on a frame construction, with brick (originally clay) infill.

Inside, there are elements saved from the fire of the first church. These are, among other items, the main altar, a pulpit with the figures of the Four Evangelists, and a baptismal font.




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