Czernica with Biała

Both rivers are Gwda tributaries and goes down the very little known forested areas. Those are perfect for those who appreciate silence and peaceful forest camping but are still experienced kayakers. Swift current of the river, many trees in the water won’t let You get bored. The best place to start is the village Sporysz, due to the fact that above this part the river so very narrow, just one person kayak space.

Since few years’ time the Biała kayak water way is also prepared for the kayakers, from Biały Bor (when low water from Trzmielewo or Jeziernik) to CZernica – around 23 km. Biała waterway is easier and more clam than Czernica, so it is good for the beginners.

Czernica waterway: 32 km

Number of days: 2

Recommended way of kayaking: Sporysz – Sarniak – CZarne – Lubnica

Difficulty: medium (trees, fast current)

The number of places to carry the kayak: zero

Recommended kayak parts:

  1. Sporysz – Sarniak 9 17 km)
  2. Sarniak – Czarne – Lubnica 15 km)




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