St. James’ Church in Człuchów

Initially, during the Reformation, the church was supervised by the Evangelicals, but, owing to another district Governor, Bartholomew Tylicki, the church was handed over to the Catholics. Since then, the entire parish would be in the hands of the House of Wejher, the last of whom, Jacob, rebuilt this wooden church into a stone one. For three years after 1644 the construction work continued, adding a sacristy with a private chapel of the Wejher above it. In the following years, the church received a tower with a gold plated cupola with a sphere and a banner with the date 1714. For posterity, some documents were created – a kind of chronicle of the history of the town and church, and placed in a gold-plated sphere.

In 1926, the rebuilding of the church began, as the church had to be expanded to suit the parish’s needs. Apart from the church building itself, the tower was expanded with 14 additional metres of height, and the walls were raised by 4 metres. Today, the colours of the main altar have been restored to their original state. Also renovated are the pipe organ, with 27 stops, balustrades, confessionals and stairs.

Foto: A.Słyszewska




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