St. Bartholomew’s Church in Moszczenica

It was renovated numerous times, until it was seriously damaged in 1803, when it burned down.

The church was erected in the Gothic style, built of brick and plastered. The wider aisle of the church is almost rectangular, with a shorter bell tower in the west, with a bell from 1771. The interior is covered with a flat ceiling, and the windows arch sharply. In the entrances to the sacristy and aisle, there are doors with fittings from the 18th Century.

When looking at the Baroque altar from the mid-19th Century, you can notice its folk character. It has a painting of the Virgin Mary with Child from the 18th Century and also some late-Baroque figures of the four evangelists. An interesting element of the furnishing of the church is the part of a Rennaissance tombstone from the 17th Century. It is made of marble and has an inscription and a shield with the coat of arms that probably depicts a gryphon.

It is also worth paying attention to the church’s roof, with a cross with a weathercock.

Autor: CIT Chojnice



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