Around the lake Charzykowskie

The route leads through the heart of this vast forest complex, revealing its natural cultural and landscape treasures. One of the most beautiful places is the area of the Brda River Valley area which we pass between Chocinski Mill and Kopernica. The ruins of a wooden mill on Chocina river in the village Chocinski Mill are quite memorable to the tourists. An additional attraction for history lovers is Chojnice from which we start our tour. In the city you can see the precious relics, and after the eventful trip one can relax in the water park.

The route

The route from Chojnice leads to Chocinski Mill leads through a blue bike trail PTTK throughpublic roads (Charzykowy-Chojnice bicycle path), and back to Chojnice on the asphalt road with little traffic and from Kopernica side through a forest path.

On trail

  • Distance: 50 km
  • The difficulty of the route: average
  • Main road surface: asphalt
  • Estimated time of the route: 6-7 hours
  • Recommended type of bike: trekking
  • Route: Chojnice – Chociński Mill – Chojnice
Charzykowskie Lake, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Charzykowskie Lake, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Route details:

  • 0 km – Chojnice (train station). Old Town with its many historical monuments : the gothic church of the Beheading of St. John, baroque church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, gothic Gate Czluchowska and fragments of medieval walls with towers, neo-gothic Town Hall and the Museum of History – Ethnography and water park. We head down Dworcowa St., then Pilsudski St., Sukiennikow St. (bike lanes) in the direction of Bytow.
  • 8.0 km – Charzykowy. One of the most popular holiday destinations in Pomorskie region, located on the lake Charzykowskie, a sailing center, the largest inland marina in the region. We are heading north towards Swornegacie.
  • 13.0 km – Funka. Holiday village on the lake Charzykowskie, Scout Center for Environmental Education.
  • 15.0 km – Bachorze. Holiday village, a marina, educational base Tucholskie Woods National Park.
  • 17.2 km – Struga of Seven Lakes/ Struga Siedmiu Jezior. Small river flowing into lake Charzykowskie, connecting lakes in the National Park “Tucholskie Woods”.
  • 19.5 km – Male Swornegacie. Holiday village on the northern end of lake Charzykowskie, a small marina.
  • 23.5 km – Chocinski Mill. A picturesque village on the Chocina river along with the remains of a wooden sawmill on the river, a wooden Kashubian hut.
  • 32.0 km – Kopernica. A summer settlement of the backwater of Red Struga river .
  • Note! Before you exit the provincial road turn left into the path running closer to the lake.
  • 38.0 km – Forest Freedom. Return to Chojnice via yellow biking trail (possible poor road in the area).
  • 41.7 km – Charzykowy. Back to Chojnice taking the same way approx. 8 km



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