The Evangelical-Augsburg church in Prabuty (The Polish Church)

The mass was attended by Poles who were not allowed to live nor trade in the town and thus it was named the church. Currently, it is the place for a Remembrance Chamber – a small museum, exhibiting old machines, tools, furniture, antique coins, military equipment, documents and sculptures made by the local artists. The chamber is open in the summer season (July-August). On the outside, the building has a Gothic look. Its eastern top is an openwork structure with circular openings and three recesses with blind windows and a small window. The western top wall, however, has four recesses and small twin windows on the sides. Both tops look more dynamic due to the slender pinnacles. Inside, there is a wooden vault from the 18th Century in the Baroque style. The polychromes present Christ as a source of life, with four silhouettes of evangelists on the sides, in the form of medallions. Additionally, on the ceiling there are inscriptions in Polish, German and Latin.

This historic monument is located to the south-west of the cathedral, in the central part of the town.

Autor: LOT Liwa

Zdjęcia: A.Śmietańska



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