The „Grażyna” Tenement House

It was designed by young architects from the capital city: a student of student the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology Stanisław Odyniec-Dobrowolski and a graduate of the same university Włodzimierz Prochaska. They referred to some examples of public buildings, e.g. the three-winged “C. Spahr” house in Neukölln, Berlin, and moved the middle, taller part of this symmetrical tenement house app. 5 meters away from the street and at the same time created there an extensive terrace. This is the only example of such solution in Gdynia, and the architects justified their choice saying that such arrangement made it possible to let daylight permeate into bathrooms. Attic windows – are round “bull’s-eyes”. The tenement house, recognized to be the first modernist tenement house in Gdynia, used to house shops on the ground floor, while above its wide middle gateway – a long balcony. However, vertical lines of the elevation or garages provided for in the design were never completed. The “Grażyna” tenement house still houses many shops including a small photographer’s shop the owners of which enjoy talking about history of this unique building. This building is on Gdynia modernism route.




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