The Krenski Company Tenement House

It combines features of moderate modernism (e.g. rhythmical, vertical lesenes dividing its main facade) with expressive character of late functionalism present in the “waiving balconies” and ribbon-like arrangement of windows from Żwirki i Wigury Street. Designers made the body of this building more majestically than it is usual for functionalism: they used of e.g. slender corner pillars and a new element – clearly outlined and protruding cornice. Taller corner part of the building accentuates the intersection, while lower side parts unites the tenement house with neighbouring ones. The building has an impressive glazed stairwell from the yard’s side. Outbreak of the war made it impossible to plaster the elevation and put finishing touches to the ground floor. They also did not manage to install the lift which was awaiting unload in the port at the time. This building is on Gdynia modernism route.




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