The Fountain in Gdynia

Kościuszko Square and its extension in the form of the South Pier is Gdynia’s visiting card. The biggest tourist attractions of the “The City that Emerged from the Sea” are located here. Behind the fountain the masts of the “Dar Pomorza” and the warship-museum ORP Błyskawica can be seen, and in the background there is the modernistic building of the Gdynia Aquarium. On the left, you can see the modern building of Gemini Culture and Leisure Centre, where numerous clubs, restaurants, shops and a cinema are located. Also the huge column of the Sea Towers apartment building, which is becoming Gdynia’s new symbol, can be seen. On the right from the fountain there are bars, fried-fish bars, cafes and the famous music club – Pokład. In the vicinity you can also find the obelisk commemorating the place where the Pope’s altar was erected for the mass that was celebrated here in 1987 by John Paul II. Kościuszko Square and the South Pier are the extension of 10 Lutego Street, whose perspective is visible when looking back from the fountain. you can see the Gdynia Hotel emerging from behind the trees of the Council of Europe Park. You can follow there some alleys leading to the Feliks Nowowiejski Sea Boulevard, The Museum of the City of Gdynia and to the Danuta Baduszkowa Music Theatre.



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