The Roland Fountain in Prabuty

It was built in 1900 in Berlin to commemorate the anniversary of death of the first Emperor of the united Germany - William I. It was located in one of the central squares of the German capital city.

Roland's fountain, photo: UMiG

Roland's fountain, photo: UMiG

How did it get to Prabuty? In the 1920s the town’s streets were being extended and they decided to remove the fountain. The Prabuty authorities of that time took advantage of the opportunity and bought it for the amount of 80 thousand marks, which was not cheap at the time. In 1929 it was placed in the Prabuty market.

The fountain is supported on the beautifully carved lion figures, however, the figure of the Knight Roland that crowned the fountain even during World War II, is missing. It disappeared when Soviet soldiers entered the town. Although the five leonine figures are the central element of the fountain, you can also notice some other carved animals, such as elephants, a camel, a wolf, a dragon and snakes.



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