The PKP Main Railway Station in Gdańsk

Its architectural style refers to the Gdańsk Mannerism. The analogies with other Gdańsk monuments are particularly visible in the tower and gables, as well as the stonework decoration. The building was opened in 1900 and was the fourth station in Gdańsk. The first was built next to the Nizinna Gate in 1852, the next near the Wyżynna Gate in 1867, and the station next to the Oliwa Gate was built in 1870, after the construction of the railroad from Berlin to Gdańsk. The construction of the present station began in 1892 and was completed after eight years of work. With this it assumed the function of the city’s main station. Its appearance has remained virtually unchanged to this day. It is composed of the main building and several auxiliary buildings (the administration building, the post office, the transport base and the ticket sales building of the commuter railway). The dominant element of this monumental structure is the 48-metre-tall tower, which initially acted as a water tower. Unfortunately, despite its extraordinary architectural values, the station’s interior has lost its former functionality. However, it still remains one of the city’s symbols.




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