Inland sailing

     Pleasure crafts can be chartered on the Vistula delta near Gdańsk and on the lower Vistula. There are hundreds of kilometres of safe sailing courses, boat rentals, and comprehensive training before the cruise, with full comfort and safety ensured by the  modern marina.

     Inland navigation on the Vistula aims at providing ordinary people, seamen, and those who have not yet had anything to do with water,  with the opportunity to discover Polish inland water trails from the deck of a pleasure craft, which is a simple motor yacht ensuring a comfortable and safe trip filled with unforgettable impressions. The Vistula is a river of wild nature but also a great history lesson. First of all, it flows through the most attractive tourist destinations in Poland. The history of the country it runs through has developed along its shores.  The Vistula is also very attractive for fishermen and lovers of wild nature, especially ornithologists, as it provides habitat for a large number of bird species. A trip down the Vistula is a great way of spending family holidays, full of adventures (also for the little ones) and a great idea for an integration event for employees and business partners sponsored by companies.  

     Żuławy Wiślane are among the landscapes which can be explored by such boats, revealing their least known aspects. There is no other such tourist-friendly area in Poland, taking into account the areas accessible by water in Poland.  Żuławy boast a network of rivers and canals which is better developed than its road network, which is why villages spreading along a river or channel can still be found there – the water course being their main communication artery. If we were to use the terminology of land roads it can be said that there is a water “motorway” running across Żuławy, i.e. the Vistula. There are also some provincial “roads” such as the Nogat, the Elbląg and the Szkarpawa, and the network of “local roads” such as the Wisła Królewiecka, the Święta, the Tuga, the Wierzyca, and the Motława. As nowhere else in Poland, water transport can be considered the target means of transport here. It has to be so in a land that largely owes its existence to water. Here an unwritten contract with nature has been observed over centuries and the land has borne fruit in return for the hard work put into regulating water conditions.



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