Zaborski Park Krajobrazowy (nature trails)

This area of Kashubia is attractive during every season because of its picturesque lakes. In this landscape park there are around 50 of them, from small ones, through midforest dystrophic lakes, to one of the biggest ones in the region, Charzykowskie Lake, which is one of the oldest sailing centres in the country.

Thanks to the rich hydrographic network, as well as diverse landforms, nature has here many different facets. Five marked nature trails allow you to discover each one of them, while seeing at the same time some interesting human developments.

The “Piecki” trail

The “Piecki” trail is located along the road between the villages Czernica and Laska. This 2-kilometre route leads through the buffer zone of the “Piecki” nature reserve, which covers collections of plants characteristic of Lobelian lakes, dystrophic lakes, peat bogs, fresh coniferous forests and swamp forests. On your way  you will see lakes Piecki, Kaczewo and Piecki Małe.

Near the Kokoszka forester’s lodge, around 2 kilometres from Swornegacie village, is the start of a 1.5-kilometre ornithological-nature trail called “Kokoszka.” This route leads along the shores of lakes Długie and Karasińskie, as well as Chociny river, presenting various species of birds living in the environment of local reservoirs and water plants, as well as on farmlands and in the forest. From a lookout here you can comfortably and safely observe the western marsh harrier, sea eagle, grey heron, crane, goldeneye, warbler and others.

Zaborski Landscape Park, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Zaborski Landscape Park, photo: Pomorskie Travel

“Dolina Kulawy” [“Kulawa Valley”]

The 5-kilometre long “Dolina Kulawy” [“Kulawa Valley”] nature trail in Zaborski Park Krajobrazowy starts by a bridge on the Laska-Widno road. It leads along the Kulawa river to the south shore of Małe Głuche lake. Stops on the route describe the genesis of the river, characteristics of the valley and its natural richness, including the activity of beavers here. During your hike you will see, among other things, a complex of meadows that uses an old irrigation system, as well as a unique natural monument – a wooden barn in Wawrzynowo settlement that is a habitat for protected lichens.

The cultural trail located 2 kilometres from Leśno village, on the south side of Leśno Dolne lake, has a slightly different character. The route is situated in an area of special natural assets, and passes a burial ground from Gothic times, with mounds and stone henges. Special attention is drawn to a mound with a circumference of 26 metres with a 2-metre high stele with anthropomorphic characteristics (outlined nose, brow ridges). Boards located here exactly describe the works of archaeologists who reconstructed cist graves from the early iron age at this location. At the end, you can test yourself in educational games prepared by the creators of the trail.

Zaborski PK Brda, fot. Styl Beata Chojęta

Zaborski PK Brda, fot. Styl Beata Chojęta

The “Laska” trail

The “Laska” trail can be found west of the village of the same name. The main attraction of this route is a restored irrigation system from the end of 19th century, powered by water from nearby Kłonecznica river. Thanks to the interesting design of the mechanism, in the yearly cycle there are changes in the water table, giving a high level during spring and autumn and low or very low levels during summer. This allows for the existence of many plant species, characteristic of various habitats. Near the trail, there is the “Jezioro Laska” [“Laska Lake”] ornithological reserve in which water and marsh birds nest, including the whooper swan, mute swan, great crested grebe, coot, black-headed gull, grey heron and a few species of duck. The sea eagle, western marsh harrier, osprey and cormorant are also here.



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