The Piecki Reserve

It covers a landscape of small forest lakes located among hills and marshes: Lakes Piecki, Piecki Małe, Kaczewo, as well as many unnamed small ponds and kettle-lakes. Its area is 19.42 ha, and the buffer zone is 92.89 ha. Like many other reserves, it was established to protect rare water and peat bog plants. The valuable species of plants include: round-leaved, oblong-leaved and English sundews, great black crowberry, Northern firmoss, wolf’s-foot clubmoss, small cranberry and white adder’s mouth.

Rare and endangered species include lesser bladderwort, flat-leaf bladderwort, least bur-reed, pod grass, mud sedge, and white beak-sedge. 84 species of lichens are also found here.

Piecki is a lobelia lake. Lobelia lakes are distinguished by the presence of lake lobelia, and acidic water. Such lakes are particularly vulnerable to pollution, and there are only a few of these in Poland, mostly in Pomerania.

The reserve can be entered only subject to individual consent from the Voivodeship Governor.

The reserve’s buffer zone features an educational trail for hiking, and places of interest are marked with information boards. The length of the trail is 2 km, and it requires about an hour to complete. It starts right off the Asmus-Laska road.




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