The Bagno Stawek Reserve

Bagno Stawek Reserve is connected with Płęsno Lake by a small stream. We are dealing here with an interesting hydrological phenomenon. Due to the stream connection, the excess of water coming from the subsurface waters is discharged from the hills at the border of the reserve. When the level of water in the reserve goes down, there is an inflow of water from Płęsno lake.

In the area of the reserve, there are many protected rare plants. Among others, this includes Sparganium minimum, theround-leaved sundew, spoonleaf sundew, stiff clubmoss, Malaxis monophyllos, Liparis loeselii, wild rosemary, Vaccinum microcarpon, black crowberry, marsh helleborine, Western marsh orchid, marsh saxifrage, common twayblade, and many sedges. Nearby the reserve runs a green pedestrian route.

Entrance to the area of the reserve is possible only upon the Voivodship Governor’s consent.




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