Become a walrus

Winter swimming is becoming more and more popular and the number of organisations gathering fans of swimming in cold water is rising – it is impossible to count them.

On weekends almost every beach changes into the walrus area. Od course to feel the cold of the Baltic See You do not have to be a member of any organisation, nevertheless, during the first entrance it is advised not to be alone.

Anybody can become a walrus, no matter how old You are and condition You have (visit at the family doctor is advised because there exceptions, for example  overactive thyroid gland). The biggest challenge of the newcomers is convincing yourself to enter the cold water as fast as You can – later, as the walrus say – it just a pleasure.

You have to also remember of the proper preparation to that because the irresponsible behaviour may lead to some health problems.

How to prepare

Along with the regular rules on the beaches, swimming in cold water has some additional ones, You have to obey.

Before entering the water You have to do the warm up. The most popular way of doing that is quick rum or stretching. It should take around 15-20 minutes. The point of it is not getting tired but warming up You body without sweating. The worm up is done in light sport cloths. Afterwards, You should take out Your clothes and with a firm step enter the water.

You should stay in water up to 3-5 minutes. More retimes You enter the cold waters, longer You can stay there. When You go out, dry yourself very quickly, if You want to get inside again, You have to do one more warm up.

What are the advantages of “walrusing”?

Cold water is very good for our body and soul. Along the pride of breaking Your weakness it was proved many other advantages. It helps our vascular system, blood supply and the skin condition. Hardening the body reduce a risk of catching cold and infections.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that as everywhere in life, also during the winter baths, moderation and wisdom is needed. That is why recommend to contact of the many in our voivodeship walrus organisations. Experienced members for sure will offer You some advice, where is the best place to start Your experience with cold water.

Winter Swimmers' Clubs:

Most of the clubs can be found in social media, some of them have their own websites:



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