Balneological Resort in Sopot

It is located at Plac Zdrojowy in Sopot. The Bathing Facility was built in 1903-1904 and was designed by Sopot architects Paul Puchmueller and Heinrich Dunkel.

The beginnings of the bath facilities

The offer of warm health baths in the tradition of Sopot dates back to 1824, and they were initiated by Jerzy Haffner, a former doctor of the Napoleonic army. When in 1901 Sopot obtained city rights, the expansion of the resort began.

New Southern and Northern Baths, the Spa House were built, and the walking pier was extended. The new Bathing Facility followed this expansion in 1904.

Jean Georges Haffner

The current Balneological Institute stands on the site of Dr. Haffner’s first Bathing Centre. Inside, there were ordinary and high-standard treatment cabins, and treatments for children took place in cabins with a bathtub. You could take warm mud baths, brine baths, freshwater baths, sea water baths, with pine needles or bran. You’ve been undergoing treatments all year.

Above the main portal there is a sculpture by Fenzloff depicting a mermaid, a triton and the coat of arms of the city. The windows of the treatment room have Art Nouveau stained glass windows. The chimney in the north-eastern corner, surrounded by a tower resembling a lighthouse, with a glass viewing gallery at the top, is one of the most attractive scenic spots in Sopot.

Since 1956, this beautiful building has housed the Rheumatological Hospital named after Dr. Jadwiga Titz-Kosko. In front of the entrance there is an inhalation mushroom, where you can try the health properties of brine water.



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