Subjective weekend in the Tricity

With a visit at the museum

Discover the diversity of Pomerania. The best way of getting more information about the history of the region is visiting Pomeranian museums. The old time lovers we invite to the largest brick castle in the Europe, registered on the UNESCO site, Malbork Castle or taking part in a long weekend attractions at the Vistulamouth Fortress.

All the sea lovers for sure will find something for them in one of nine parts on Maritime Culture Centre, with the interactive exhibition and the Ship Wreck Conservator in Tczew. A bit longer moment we need in WWII Museum which in a very moving way describes this sad and tragic moment in the world history. All those who are interested in more modern history we invite to visit European Solidarity Centre. Visiting Gdynia it is worth going to the only museum in Poland about Polish emigration.

In the historical building on the Sea Station, form which through the dozens of years polish transatlantic ships were leaving, there in a place which tells the story about people’s history in a very close connection to the present times. Thanks to unique multimedia presentation we will get more information about the history of Polish emigration from XIX till today. Moreover, the Museum of Emigration is located at Polska 1 Street.

Around the Science in Hevelianum

Hewelianum Centre situated on the Gradowa Hill Fort is a very special place. The modern science centre located in renovated XIX c. military building will interest  not only children but parents too. We invite to visit 10 exhibitions, divided according to subjects. “Around the World” is an offer  from geography science field, for those who are interested in the world. The magic journey starts inside the Earth, where We learn about the seismic movements of the earth and how the volcanos work. Further, We go through the colourful Asia, visiting different continents, to finish in Europe. This exhibition is so special that Discovery Channel took it under its patronage.

The next exhibition is about the physics “With the Energy”.

Several tens of stations were prepared in a way to enable the observations, to experiment and creation of different phenomenon. A very interesting offer is a station with the car simulation driving  in difficult conditions. Specially prepared programs will let the driver use the car without getting into trouble. For those who are interested in planning We offer flood simulator. It depends on You if the village, built by You will be survive the flood or not.

At other exhibitions We can learn about the historical guns and try the different kinds of army uniforms and see which We like most. – the exhibition “Time Vehicle” , fun with the history. In the Laboratory of Mr. Kleks, there are four ferry tail parts waiting for us and the mathematical mystery will reveal new faces of the master of science. A special, interactive playground, which is a Jungle of Invagination is the place where children under the age 9 will not be bored for sure.

The beach in the city

And maybe just lay down on the beach? Close Your eyes. Rest. After the busy time in the city full of attractions and fun we can immediately find ourselves along the seashore. Yes, this is what the Tricity offers. Beautiful, sandy beaches are at Your fingertips and the longer walk enables You to stroll from Brzezno, through Sopot to Gdynia. On the way we shall pass three piers with the longest wooden pier in Europe, cliff in Orłowo, many bars and restaurants offering local cuisine.

Through the Tricity by bike

Several hundred kilometres of cycling paths around the tricity invite You to take a bike as Your transportation. No matter which part of the agglomeration You will choose, we may be sure we shall get there safe.  One of the most interesting bicycle track is the one along the seashore. Visiting the Tricity we cannot ignore the Tricity Nature Park where we can easily get from the town centre. The longest way is the blue one. It ends in Lebork and is over 100 km long. Staying around the Tricity we have an offer of well prepared and well signed bicycle tracks, nevertheless we recommend the cross or mountain bike. The track goes through the typical forest sections and takes us to the sanctuary in Matemblewo, water mill in Oliwa (opened for visitors from 2019), Gdansk ZOO and the viewing platform at Pachołek hill.

Craft Beer Trail

Craft beer, regional beer sometimes tastes different than regular craft beer. It is named differently, usually produced in small, microbreweries but already got a big number of fans.

Thanks to well-developed distribution nets  and many places where You can buy the craft beer, there are more interesting and extraordinary tastes of this popular golden drink and places where We had only one kind of beer are almost gone. This beer revolution, as We may call it reached the Tricity as well. On the map of the three cities there are more and more places with a big variety of beer kinds and in many We can try those made at the place.

Thanks to Gdansk Tourist Organisation (GOT)which founded the first in the Tricity Craft Beer Trail, We have a rare opportunity to visit Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia from different perspective.  Along with trying different beer kinds, people following that trail will be given a guide book with information about the breweries and interesting curiosities about the beer making.



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