Learning through fun and conducting your own experiments in park surroundings and near 19th-Century urban fortifications.

The  Hevelianum is an innovative facility which combines recreation and education, while popularising natural sciences. The numerous defensive structures that have stood the test of time, nowadays serve exhibition purposes, and the hill on which they stand offers an enchanting view on the city and the shipyard.

In the renovated interiors of the fortress, guests will find permanent and temporary displays, all of which are interactive and originally present selected themes from exact, natural and historical sciences. Here, not only can you experiment with the help of interactive exhibitions, but also visit "The Land of Liquid Frost" or venture out to "Spy on the Sun". All this provided within educational activities in the form of workshops or scientific presentations.

Right at the foot of Gradowa Mountain (being part of the fortifications) there is a park with a pond - a remnant of a moat once located here. You will also find three ecological sites here.

This is the first undertaking of its type in Europe, comprising military engineering facilities as a basis for the Centrum Odkrywania Wiedzy (the Knowledge Discovery Centre).