Gdynia was created from the sea and dreams of the post-war generation of Poles, according to the words of Stefan Żeromski, the Polish writer of the times, “…a poem created in wood, stone, concrete and iron, an overwhelming drama depicting the taking from the sea of the forces of water, depth and power…”. Today it is a modern and dynamically-growing city with its modern development and economy open towards the sea.

Modernist Gdynia. How the city from the sea and dreams was built.

Marina Gdynia

The Orłowo Cliff

The Urban Plan of the City Centre (Śródmieście)

Kamienna Góra in Gdynia


The Tall Ships Regatta

The Automotive Museum in Gdynia

The Gdynia Museum

ORP "Błyskawica"

Kościuszko Square and the Southern Pier

The Culinary Route

The Aquarium in Gdynia

Orłowo A Polish riviera

Gdynia Harbour

EXPERYMENT Science Centre in Gdynia

"Dar Pomorza"

The Open`er Festival

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