Three piers and more. The Tri-City invites sailors.

On the territory of the Tricity, we have marinas in the center of each city and marinas located in Gorki Zachodnie, where the National Sailing Centre has its headquarters.

On site in addition to the place at the embankment, it is possible to use the services of a boat and mechanical workshop. The distance between the marinas in Gorki Zachodnie and the marina in Gdansk is 6 nautical miles.

Wisłoujście Fortress, photo: Museum of Gdańsk

Wisłoujście Fortress, photo: Museum of Gdańsk

Just entering the center of Gdansk is a kind of attraction. Going through the harbour canal on the left, you pass Westerplatte, then the Wisloujscie Fortress and the shipyard and harbour quays. Getting to the marina should take approx. 40 min (it is worth reporting on channel 14 to the harbour master’s office that we are sailing towards Motlawa River).

Marina Gdańsk zlokalizowana jest w centrum miasta obok Długiego Pobrzeża, fot. Mateusz Ochocki

During the high season there may be problems with finding a free space, especially during the sailing meetings, the organizers allow free mooring at the Long Coast on the section from the Hilton Hotel / Swan Tower to the gas station.

Zwodzona kładka na Motławie podnoszona jest wg harmonogramu lub na prośbę płynących jednostek. Fot. Lukasz Głowala

The location of the marina in the center of the city gives a wide range of opportunities to spend time, both a short stay, during which we will have a tasty meal, and a few hours sightseeing of the city.


All those who want to sail from the Gdansk marina to Sopot must prepare for 6 nautical miles. After crossing the port channel and crossing the approach lane for ships arriving at the Port of Gdansk, we sail along the beach. A characteristic point that we will pass on the route is the pier in Brzezno (there is no possibility of mooring). The beach starting there, runs practically to Gdynia. After about an hour of sailing we arrive at the longest in the Baltic Sea, Sopot pier, at the end of which Sopot marina is located.

Marina Sopot oferuje 103 miejsca postojowe oraz unikatową lokalizację. Fot. Mateusz Ochocki

Launched in 2011, it is the only such facility in the country extending several hundred meters into the sea. After arriving to Sopot, nobody should be bored, except one of the most popular pedestrian streets in Poland, the tourist offer of the city is rich, and numerous events will allow everyone to find something suitable for themselves. For sailors who want to stay only in the marina, the Meridian restaurant awaits at the head of the Sopot pier. Every year at the beginning of August, the city hosts the world’s leading pilots taking part in the ISAF Match Racing World Championship qualifiers.

Sopot pier, photo: Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki

Sopot pier, photo: Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki

We arrived to Gdynia, the sailing capital of the region, where we have Marina Gdynia and the youngest in the Tri-City Marina Yacht Park. The first is located next to the city beach and offers 260 seats. It is one of the largest yacht harbours in Poland with complete infrastructure needed to service sailing and motor vessels.

Gdynia, Skwer Kosciuszki, photo: Lukasz Glowala

Gdynia, Skwer Kosciuszki, photo: Lukasz Glowala

Marina Yacht Park is a facility built in 2019 and located in the President’s Embankment next to the destroyer Blyskawica and the sailing ship Dar Pomorza. The modern marina offers 120 seats and a wide range of services. During the regular Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days, the city turns into a great sailing village with numerous accompanying cultural events.



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