Check, where the alternate Gdansk have fun!?

Proudly standing shipyard cranes and full of fascinating stories shipyard warehouses of former Gdansk Shipyard or mysterious areas of the Lower City and the impressive part of former Royal Riffle Factory. Old Gdansk post-industrial, space is tempting the local activists and became more and more popular cultural and fun city space.

The Gdańsk Shipyard

35 years ago around 17000 people used to work here. Production line was operating day and night, 24 hours a day and the results of this work were placed high in the world list,  Gdansk Shipyard. The gigantic work place, the symbol of Polish workers, the symbol of past era. After the time of changes, not always good for Gdansk industry and the times of no existence, the areas of former Gdansk shipyard are finally finding its new life. There are more of cultural initiatives coming out and a new condominium will be placed here soon as well.   So far, everybody, who needs an alternative form of entertainment, wants spend time not in the centre of Gdansk, in pubs, discos and beer gardens, comes to the shipyard .

Elektyków Street

They choose different address. Elektryków Street. It was here, as the name says, electrical facilities of Gdansk Shipyard. The streets leads to   B90, where parts of tankers and colliers were produced. Today, B90 is a concert hall, with one of the best sound in Poland.

Elektryków Street and B 90 may be treated as one, except that concerts in B90 are held all year long and Elektryków Street is only seasonal. That is enough to have big fun ever due to the fact, that their offer is very rich. Every weekend there are DJ parties and open air concerts. People dancing with the shipyard cranes int the background, post-industrial areas, buildings, facilities and the shipyard equipment, that is e very good reason to visit Elektryków Street.

What’s more there are other activities here, such as – Sunday lazy breakfasts or night market.

Gdansk - the crane, fot. Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki

Gdansk - the crane, fot. Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki


Next door, close to the building with a sign informing that this is the place where Lech Walesa used to work, there is another cultural – party initiative . It is called “100cznia”, the space created using opened containers. There are many food stands there or city beach. You can rest here during the day and night. The place is operation almost all week long and is one more offer for fun searchers in Gdansk.

This place is friendly for everybody, adults and kids. During the day, the beach is a great place for kids fun. Parents can rest in sun loungers. 100cznia is not only party initiative but also a cultural one. There is a Variety Day organised here along with city Gdansk. There is also a design store here and shop with Patryk Wojciechowski’s, young designer clothes.

Lower City

Stocznia Gdanska is not the only place where  a fresh spirit was brought. Many different kinds of changes were done also in Lower City in Gdańsk which slowly starts to be an extension of the Main Town.

This is the place, where along beautifully renovated Łąkowa Street there is former Royal Rifle Factory and the backyard.

The Backyard it the cultural initiative for a different way of spending your free time in Gdansk. This is the place for everyone – families come here for dinner, in the evenings, in the DJ rhythms those who love dancing.  Very interesting idea of the Backyard is movie show series or Sundays  subject markets. The top of the cream is, known all over Poland, Gdansk Plant Market. Both in the former shipyard area and the Lower Gdansk the point is to give to those post-industrial spaces a new face, to play with it and to create a meeting space for locals and tourists on the open air.

The owners of “100cznia”, ELektryków Street and the Backyard underline that they were charmed by those places and their magic. Spaces that are listed on the cultural map of Gdansk for good.



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