The Royal Valley Manor

In the 17th Century this property was obtained by a merchant from Gdańsk, Zachariasz Zappio, passionate about art and books, who became famous, i.a., for a series of endowments for St. John’s Church in Główne Miasto. In a lovely valley, known as the Green Valley, he established a stately Baroque manor house splendidly furnished with precious artworks. The estate, thanks to its exceptional artistic and landscape qualities, was regarded one of the grandest in the area. Therefore, it can be hardly surprising that in the summer of 1677 it welcomed King John III Sobieski, who, enchanted by the atmosphere of the place, exempted it from the obligation to pay taxes and gave it the name of the Royal Valley. Later on, the manor underwent multiple redevelopments, obliterating its initial Baroque shape. Currently, its splendid park with terrace arrangement is retaining its original splendour, while the building houses a kindergarten.



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