The regional products of Powiśle

Among the regional products of Powiśle, the various kinds of plum confection deserve special mention. The recipes guarded for generations, are kept by the Circle of Country Housewives in Nebrów Wielki and Rakowice, and the Association of Residents and Enthusiasts of Rakowiec which last year established a Tradition Hall in their village. The ladies from the Circle have successfully introduced such delicacies to the register of regional products as the Powiśle plum in vinegar, plum jam from Nebrów Wielki, and Nebrowianka, a plum liqueur.
The Plum Jam Days held in Nebrów Wielki gain in popularity and attendance each consecutive year. Their culminating point is the joint frying of plums. When the preserves are ready, everyone can buy fresh jam and savour their unique taste.



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