The Zbrzyca Route – a prelude to the Brda

The Zbrzyca Route introduces us into the amazing world of wild, pristine nature that is protected by the Zaborski Landscape Park. Further down the river, the scenic forests sometimes give way to long and narrow ribbon lakes. The source of the river is Lake Małe Sarnowicze, but the route is best started from Lake Somińskie. Only the upper course of the river is somewhat more troublesome due to its narrow bed and numerous portages. The section from Parzyn is breathtaking, just as is the final section, where the river bed is very wide until it disappears in Lake Witoczno, which connects it with the Brda. It should be remembered that low water levels may cause problems, and result in the necessity to tow canoes along short distances.

The Zbrzyca route: 41 km

The recommended route:Sominy – Witoczno

Number of days: 2-3

Difficulty: upper course – easy, but troublesome,; middle and lower course – easy

Number of portages: 5

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