Pomorskie welcomes the Spring! – Spring attractions for the kinds

Spring is coming soon so it is time to come out from warm blankets and go out to spend some time on the fresh air. Below You will find our offer where your children will be able to use their a bit of their energy and at the same time learn some interesting things.

Museum – Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie

It is an ideal place for a slow spring warm up. The exhibition is situated on the open air which invites the visitors for walking around. Kids will find interesting activities on the open air, shooting from an arch bow to the bale of hey or pulling the rope will satisfy many kids. In March and April one more attraction is an opportunity to know more about Kashubian Easter traditions. Leaving the museum with Your own decorated Easter Egg will stay in the children’s memory for a long time.

fot. Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki

Skansen we Wdzydzach, fot. Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki

Science Centre Experiment in Gdynia

Experyment Science Centre features an interactive exhibition that provides space for creative experimentation. This is where the fascination with science is born. Everyone is welcome to visit and embark on a journey to discover and explore the world. Science shows, workshops and events engage, teach and entertain. Ask questions, the more the better!

Permanent exhibitions:

This part of the exhibition is devoted to the fascinating structure and functioning of the human body. Like a complicated machine, our organisms live thanks to the smooth cooperation between many organ systems. But how does it work exactly? Take a look inside and learn how we reproduce, how our body changes with age, how much water it contains, how long we digest meat, what senses we have and whether we can trust them. Dismantle our organs and carry out a bloodless surgery.

Do you think we can hear a whisper from a distance of a few meters or rest comfortably on a bed of nails? On the one hand, OPERATION HUMAN celebrates the abilities of our body. On the other hand, it stresses its limitations. Use a special track to see how important it is to design the public space accessible to everyone. Is there a more complicated mechanism than the human body?


This section of the exhibition explores the fascinating secrets of nature researched by botany, animal anatomy, palaeontology and geology. How are mountains formed? What lies inside a glacier? What a swamp feels like underfoot? All of that you can find out at the Tree of Life. The extraordinary world of animals inspires us to look for unusual solutions in many fields of science. Did you know that some organisms have other senses than those possessed by humans? Or that animals have developed numerous camouflage methods? Check out how horses, dogs and bees see the world or how fish and bats move around.


For a better understanding of physics, don’t limit yourself to studying formulas and charts. Once you grasp the basic laws, it’s easy to accept that water can freeze at room temperature, a gyroscope spins your body around and ferrofluid shift-shapes into a hedgehog. Allow us to present you with the why and how of dynamics, thermodynamics, electricity and vibrations. Discover the nature of sound, or even bite it, check how the high-voltage line works, see what happens in a vacuum, and find out why computers use binary code.


The exhibits in this part of Experyment show many interesting properties of liquids. They explain the functioning of ground-breaking inventions, such as the Archimedes’ screw or the Heron’s fountain. Create a water whirlpool, and you’ll know why the water in a sink drain spirals to the right. Does it work the same way on the equator? Build dams and test hydro-technical solutions. Since we are in Gdynia, don’t forget to try our port simulator. Navigate, moor and unload ships with perfect timing. The clock is ticking and still more units are queuing! HYDROWORLD invites you to roll up your sleeves and dive into the wet part of Experyment!



Gdansk Zoo

This year Gdansk zoo welcomes the Spring March 25th. We meet at 11.00 am at the entrance. Along with the “Giraffe”, we go to the centre off all kinds of activities, to the mountain house on the hill near the forest. We shall search for the first signs of Spring there during the outside activities dedicated to the kids. Those who are interested in hearing the birds news and observing the avifauna will go the Mrs. Żołna. The Nature Man, Marcin Wilga, known as Mr. Badger will introduce the Spring flora and fauna using multimedia .

If the weather will be fine, We shall go to see the most interesting zoo parts. In the mountain house there will be postcard and Easter decoration workshops organised too. During that day there will be also a lot of storytelling about the animals’ childhood.  Remember that giraffes and other loving animals in Oliwa zoo are waiting with longing for Spring and the first zoo visitors.

Gdański Ogród Zoologiczny, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Gdański Ogród Zoologiczny, fot. Pomorskie Travel

“Experymentarium” Centre in Chojnice

“Experymentarium” is a unique exhibition, which in an interesting way explains the nature, culture and history of the region, especially the relation between the human and the nature throughout the centuries. The exhibition consist of 13 interactive stands, designed in a way for the little and the older visitors could in a manual, sensual and intellectual way experience the fascination of  the Nature and realise that humans are part of it.

Seal Aquarium – the marine station in Hel

popularly known as the Seal Center, is about 40 kilometers. The gray seal is a symbol of the Baltic Sea, to get to know its life and see it closer, it is worth visiting this place.

A lot of tourists watch the “feeding of seals” – this is a kind of medical training, where employees check the condition of the seal while feeding. The Seal Center conducts educational activities. Next to the pool with splashing seals, there is an exhibition that shows what happens to a seal’s stomach when it swallows a metal object. What are the threats of pollution of the Baltic Sea, or the numerous obstacles to overcome for these mammals.

The Seal Center runs a seal rehabilitation facility, helps puppies that have lost their mother seals, are hungry and dehydrated, sometimes sick. We watch them while feeding, we get to know them when they play carefree and get a herring reward for a well-executed command.

The entrance to the House of the Porpoise is a good visit if We want to know mre about the inhabitants of the Baltic Sea. We will be given a handful set of information about the secrets of porpoise biology, their life history, as well as about their threats and how to protect them. An additional attraction is a documentary about dolphins and whales.



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