Pomorskie in autumn – this is not the time for boredom!

Summer is behind us, but in no way does it mean that we will spend autumn at home over a cup of tea - especially if you visit Pomorskie! There is no better place for long walks than our empty beaches, you won't find more mushrooms anywhere than in the Kashuby forests, only here you will find out that the Vistula landscapes at this time of year are like taken straight out of impressionist paintings.

Here are some of our suggestions for an autumn holiday in Pomorskie!

A way for autumn sightseeing, so it’s time to hit the trail – you will find information about the most interesting Pomorskie tourist trails (historical monuments of hydrotechnics, lighthouses, following the footsteps of the Mennonites and Gothic castles).

The Great Canal of the Brda, Hydrotechnics Trail, photo: Pomorskie Travel

The Great Canal of the Brda, Hydrotechnics Trail, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Collect, dry, marinate – let’s talk about mushrooms – and we will talk to an outstanding specialist in mushrooms and other forest specialties, Marzena Gornisiewicz. Co-creator of the Village of the Forest Undergrowth, initiator of the Association of Theme Villages and a certified classifier of mushrooms in one person, she will tell you where to look, what to collect and how to process the mushrooms. If this is not enough, you can look here and check which Pomorskie restaurants serve mushroom specialties.

Mushroom, fot. PROT

Mushroom, fot. PROT

Actively in the forest – that’s where we should start! There is no better cure for the pain in the body and soul than contact with wild nature, and there is no shortage of opportunities in Pomorskie region. Starting from birdwatching, through fishing, horseback riding, bicycle tours and hiking, running and ending with orienteering runs – there is enough forest potential not only for autumn but also for winter, spring and summer!

Top of Pomorskie, or tourist attractions that you must see (and you can read about them here: part 1 and part 2). Throughout the voivodeship you can find charming towns and villages, take a walk in landscape parks, go to open-air museums and visit museums and educational centres. What’s more, the well-developed transport network makes trips throughout the region a real pleasure.

You can always use the bike rental and go for a ride along the beautiful nature trails. Pomorskie is a region of Poland where you can fall in love, which is why many tourists return to their favourite corners or look for undiscovered places.



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