Pomorskie adrenaline

Pomorskie beaches, dunes, forests, meadows and swamps concentrated in national parks and landscape parks are not only refuges of wild nature and pretty backgrounds for pictures, but also a perfect scenery for many forms of activity. Also those extreme ones like orienteering. Handling the elements, conquering long distances on difficult terrain or dealing with your own weaknesses is what always gives a double dose of satisfaction.

And on the steep cliffs of Zatoka Pucka [Puck Bay], moving dunes of Słowiński Park Narodowy [Słowiński National Park], slimy swamps near Kashubian lakes or in endless pine forests of Bory Tucholskie, adventures came up on their own.

Numerous enthusiasts promoting orienteering, who every year in various corners of the Pomorskie Region organise competitions known in the whole country, surely know this. This kind of events are a perfect way to feel the adrenaline and for a while be a special agent or a scout. It is fun both for the adults, as well as for the children. Among the most popular we should mention events like Ekstremalny Rajd na Orientację „Harpagan” [Extreme Orienteering “Harpagan”] (with a less-advanced version – „Harpuś”), Runmaggedon, Harce Prezesa, Biegun, orienteering  within a project Zielony Punkt Kontrolny [Green Checkpoint], Gdańskie Biegi Leśne [Gdańsk Forest Runs], Navigatornia Adventure Race, Alternatywa na Orientację [An Alternative to Orientation], Kaszubski Bieg na Orientację „Z Kompasem” [“With a compass” – Kashubian Orienteering], Kaszubska Włóczęga [“Kashubian Ranger”], Trójmiejski Ultra Truck (TUT) [Tri-City Ultra Track], Vestigia and CieMnO.

As you can see, the offer is very wide, so it is worth to read about the character and conditions of participation in each of the orienteerings, check exact deadlines and places, and then plan in your calendar. days reserved for the event. No need to wait, as thrill is guaranteed!

Ekstremalny Rajd na Orientację „Harpagan” [Extreme Orienteering “Harpagan”] is the biggest orienteering event in Poland that can boast its almost 30-year tradition. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, it attracts in various corners of the Pomorskie Region daredvils from all over Poland and not only. The participants cross their long trails on foot or by bike, using given at the start maps and lookng for so called checkpoints – like a crossing, erratic glacials, lakes ot nature monuments. A light version of Harpagan, open also for children and teenagers is “Harpuś” event that takes place on the terrain of Tri-City districts, parks and forests.

Popularity record-beaker since a few years are next editions of extreme obstacle courses Runmaggedon Runmaggedon. Here, the trail is filled with obstacles which cannot be omitted. So you have to crawl in mud, jump, climb the rope put up over water, get through the thick smoke, scramble on huge ice cubes and walls and walk under abatis put up low over ground.

Harce Prezesa is a name of forest orienteering marches that take place periodically since almost 25 years in December, in one of the longest nights of the year. Participate can also whole families with children. The task of the participants is to reach checkpoints, thanks to the obtained from the organiser map, in assigned time limit.

Biegun, extremely popular cycle of orienteering, is organised by picturesquely located Adventure Park Gdynia Kolibki. The organisers will prepare for volunteers a trail with densely spread obstacles. The competition every time has a different theme. The formula of the competition assumes that we on our own decide how many laps we will be able to do.

Zielony Punkt Kontrolny [Green Checkpoint] is an original Polish concept of an area with a network of permanent checkpoints for organising orienteering. Till now, there have been created more than forty projects in Lasy Państwowe. The administration of the terrain is preparing conforming to the place maps which the participants of the orienteering can download from the internet.

Gdańskie Biegi Leśne [Gdańsk Forest Runs] are cross country runnings that take place on the forest terrain of Gdańsk on distances of 5 and 10 kilometres. The run is organised in an Anglo-Saxon way, which means that on the trail there are numerous ascents and descents, whereas the starting point and the post are situated in the same place.

„Z Kompasem” – Kaszubski Bieg na Orientację [“With a compass” – Kashubian Orienteering] verifies our fitness and skills connected to navigation, and also use of map or a compass. The event is aimed at everyone who run or cycle with pleasure. The task is to, in as little time as we can, reach defined checkpoints marked on the map. The length of the trail is calculated according to the optimal route between the checkpoints, while taking into account impossible to cross obstacles: rivers, lakes, buildings or training grounds.

„Kaszubska Włóczęga [“Kashubian Ranger”] attracts not only enthusiasts of orienteering but also whole families that want to simply spend a cheerful May weekend in the bosom of nature. Beside walking trails, there are also bike trails and canoeing trails. What is important, the event does not end with announcement of results and prize-giving. For participants there always await additional attractions, with a huge bonfire as an example.

Trójmiejski Ultra Track [Tri-City Ultra Track] is a sports event that aims to promote running, Tri-City nature corners and bring long-distance runners together. The main run is around 68 kilometres long. The majority of the trail leads on touristic trails of Trójmiejski Park Krajobrazowy [Tri-City Landscape Park]. Accompanying runs are around 40 kilometres and 15 kilometres long.

Vestigia is the main event of “Wataha”, an association that organises touristic events that promote active leisure in the fresh air. Orienteering rivalry has its summer editions (day ones) and autumn editions (with night trails). The participants have to to reach checkpoints while using only given maps, a compass and their own navigation skills. On the trail they go single or in groups of 2-5. The trails are different when it comes to length, difficulty level and the map itself.



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