The Schuman House (Connert House)

It was founded by Hans Connert and its ownership changed numerous times. Its name comes from the Gdańsk patrician Schumann family, which produced 5 mayors, 4 royal burgraves and 11 councillors.

There is a statue of Zeus from the side of Długa Street on the top of the tenement; below it are statues of Artemis and Apollo, while the side facade from the direction of the Long Market hosts the monument to Athena. In the 18th Century, the tenement was equipped with a rococo perron. Its interior underwent many reconstructions. The beautiful hall of the tenement was transformed into a cafe bar in 1912, while the basements hosted a tobacco shop.

During World War II, the Schumann House suffered as much as the other tenements of the Main Town. Thanks to the efforts of the city’s authorities, residents and tour guides, the tenement was rebuilt. Since this time is has served as headquarters; initially of the PTK, currently of the Gdańsk PTTK, a Tourist Information Point, the “Schumann House” guest rooms, the editorial office of the Pomeranian Tourism and Travel Quarterly “Jantarowe Szlaki”, the Franciszek Mamuszka PTTK Club of City and Terrain Guides and other clubs.




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