The Tuga Route – the most representative of Żuławy

The river flows through the very heart of Żuławy Wiślane, including the two most important towns of this region – Nowy Dwór Gdański, which is the capital of Żuławy, and the historic and little-known Nowy Staw, which has recently opened a large canoe harbour and campsite. A trip down the Tuga affords the traveller an understanding of the extraordinary land of Żuławy, a region snatched from water and imbued with a peculiar charm and mystery.

The Tuga Route is meandering, wide, calm and gorgeous. It is rich in wild, remote spots, convenient camping grounds and monuments of architecture and technology. When travelling on this route, it is worth stopping in Tujsk, Stobiec and Żelichowo, and seeing the historic buildings of Nowy Dwór and Nowy Staw. You can also base your trips in Rybina or Tujsk. Thanks to its slow current, canoes can go both directions. In the Summer, however, the upper course (to Nowy Dwór) is overgrown with floating fern, a protected water plant. This makes trips on the river significantly more difficult.

The Tuga-Święta Route: 24 km (1 day)

The recommended route: Nowy Staw – Rybina

Difficulty: easy and smooth, no obstacles

Number of portages: 0

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