Kashubian Museum in Kartuzy

For visitors, the museum offers many attractions, including the performance on the oldest Kashubian instrument- devil violins, presentation and singing of Kaszëbscich Nutow i.e. the only Polish alphabet sung, offers to try a snuff, coffee and tea, souvenirs.

The foundation of the museum was created after regaining of the independence in the old hospital building at Cemetery street in Kartuzy. The museum collection consisted of 106 exhibits. Next, the museum was established in the Hinca’s home at Pilsudski street. Subsequent attempts to create a museum were taken by Franciszek Treder who organized the first exhibition of folk art in his native village in Borzestowo in 1932. Franciszka Majkowska created the exhibit in the Kashubian Manor in the late 30s of 20th.

In the basement of Kashubian Museum served a sentence of detention Kashubians who were charged with disloyalty to the communist government. After leaving the building by the Safety Authority (Polish: UB) in 1947 it was allocated for the purposes of Kashubian Museum. Over the years, this 19th century villa evolved and gained its proper character associated with the cultural movement of the Kashubian region and presenting rich legacy of Kashuby. Since 1995 Kashubian Museum is named after its founder Franciszek Treder. An important achievement for the museum, the city and the region was listing the Kashubian Museum in State Register of Museums run by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


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