Lake Choczewskie

The lake is oval in shape, narrowing towards its southern side. The water surface area is 183 ha. The shoreline is 6,525 m long and is fairly regular, without lagoons, spits or islands. The lake’s deepest place is 13 m, but in most places it is under 5 m deep. Lake Choczewskie is located on the course of the Piaśnica, which reaches the Baltic Sea near Dębki. This makes it a flow-through lake.

The lake is located in the Choczewo-Salino Protected Landscape Area, and it is of the highest water quality level (class 1). Surface plants cover about 4% of the lake’s area. This strip is relatively shallow, and it does not make it difficult for fish to reach the coastal waters.

Underwater plants are also extant in closely formed strips, especially in the western and eastern parts of the lake. These plants constitute a good substrate for spawn.

The lake is also a perfect place for anglers, because of its purpose-built jetties, and the fish here. These include: tenches, breams, carps, crucian-carps, roaches and pike. The current lessee, the Choczewo Forest District, is aiming at rational lake management, by proper stocking, maintaining spawning grounds and regulating fishing. These activities guarantee good angling sport all year round.

Autor: P.Syrocki, Starostwo Powiatowe w Wejherowie

Foto: B. Trepiński, Starostwo Powiatowe w Wejherowie



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