Green Sopot – 9 places you must visit

The seaside resort has long been attracting visitors like a magnet, mainly due to the magical atmosphere in the city. For some, the unforgettable atmosphere is due to one of the most popular promenades in Poland, while for others, Sopot is remembered as the place of famous summer festivals.

There are also those who love strolling through the charming streets of Sopot, discovering small galleries or local shops. Below we present 9 places that are worth visiting not only in summer.

Northern Park

Northern Park – established in the first half of the XIXth century. A picturesque park in the city center, directly adjacent to the Sopot beach with a view of the sea. Its twenty-five-hectare area covers the area from the Grand Hotel to the border with Gdynia through the Swelina stream. There is a monument to Jean Georges Haffner, a distinguished doctor for Gdansk and Sopot and the creator of the Sopot health resort. It is characterized by charming maple alleys, over sixty different species of trees and plants, as well as an extensive educational path for children, walking paths, bicycle paths and roller skaters. In addition to its natural values, the park also has a small football pitch, a place to play basketball and many other sports equipment.

Sopot, inhalation mushroom, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Sopot, inhalation mushroom, photo: Pomorskie Travel/ M. Ochocki

Southern Park

Southern Park – located on the other side of Pal Zdrojowy and is smaller than Northern Park, but its space development reflects the atmosphere of the 1920s, when it was created. Currently, it is named after Maria and Lech Kaczynski, who tragically died in a plane crash. You can spend your free time here, relaxing among the alleys and fountains decorated with plants and flowers. Right next to the park there is the Evangelical-Augsburg church of St. Savior.

Sopot, view from the lighthouse, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Sopot, view from the lighthouse, photo: Pomorskie Travel


The beach – stretching for 4 kilometers along the southern borders of the Bay of Gdansk, is one of the most charming in Poland. What makes them unique is the bright, light and fine sand, which guarantees pleasant relaxation and good fun for the little ones. Sopot beaches are well connected with the rest of the Tricity. Right next to them there are numerous service and catering points, and in the central part, the Sopot pier.

Sopot architecture

Sopot, fishing marina, photo:

Sopot, fishing marina, photo:

Fishing Harbor

Fisherman’s Harbor – a symbolic place due to the rich history of Sopot fishing dating back to the XIII century, which previously had its place right next to the Sopot pier, but over time the location was changed to a location away from the very center of the resort. In the marina itself you can meet fishermen and buy fresh fish, but you can also visit the Fisheries Mini Museum, where you will learn about the history of fishing.

Additionally, you can taste local fish in the marina’s catering area. The fishing boats located on the beach in front of the marina are a charming sight. An important place for every fisherman is the Sopot Fishermen’s Chapel with a sculpture of Christ facing the sea “For a Happy Return” in memory of the visit of John Paul II to Sopot in 1999.

Sopot Blonia

Sopot Blonia – a several-hectare recreational area located near the Ergo Arena and the Sopot Hippodrome. It includes a football field, an ecological playground, a dog run, a barbecue area and a playground for children. There are also walking and cycling paths running through this area, thanks to which you can spend time actively.

Forest Opera in Sopot, fot.

Forest Opera in Sopot, fot.

Forest Opera, photo:

Forest Opera, photo:

The Forest Opera

The Forest Opera and its surroundings are one of Sopot’s landmarks, located far from the center and the hustle and bustle of the city, also known outside Poland. Every year there are international festivals, concerts and artistic performances that attract many viewers. The amphitheatre with over a hundred years of history is located on the outskirts of the Tricity Landscape Park, thanks to which it has unique acoustics. The vicinity of the Opera House allows you to spend time actively outdoors, on Lysa Hill, at Nowowiejski Lake, on the trails of the Tricity Landscape Park, or using the Car and Outdoor Cinema. The area around the amphitheatre is a perfect place for quiet walks surrounded by nature.

Sopot, Grodzisko, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

Sopot, Grodzisko, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

The archaeological open-air museum (Grodzisko)

The archaeological open-air museum (Grodzisko) – which is also a branch of the Archaeological Museum in Gdansk, is located near the Northern Park. Once upon a time, this area was a defensive settlement (stronghold), currently the open-air museum is a remnant of the stronghold and serves an educational function. Its resources include huts, a gate and a fence made of wooden poles, which are a reconstruction of the relics found in this place. In the open-air museum there is an exhibition and educational pavilion that popularizes knowledge of early medieval life. On site you can visit the permanent exhibition “The oldest history of Sopot”.

Stronghold in Sopot (branch of the Archaeological Museum in Gdansk)

Sopot, Zajęcze Wzgórze reserve, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

Sopot, Zajęcze Wzgórze reserve, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

Nature Reserve

Zajecze Wzgorze nature reserve – located in the western part of Sopot in the Tricity Landscape Park, the reserve is the only nature reserve in Sopot. Due to its natural values, it is a unique place worth attention, where we can find, among others: many rare specimens of trees and plants that are under protection, natural monuments, but also protected birds and insects. Within the reserve there is also another viewing point in Sopot, from which you can admire the panorama of the surrounding area. The reserve area is 11.6 hectares and is located near the Sopot Athletics Club.

Sopot, fot. M. Ochocki.

Sopot from the Zajecze Wzgorze viewpoint, photo:

Strzelecki Hill and Nowowiejski Lake (Morskie Oko)

Strzelecki Hill and Lake Nowowiejski (Morskie Oko) – the number of viewpoints located in Sopot is large, but this one is also worth attention because it is one of the better situated hills with a height of 79.7 meters above sea level. The view from the hill includes a panorama of Sopot, the surrounding area and the bay. The hill was revitalized and adapted for visitors in 2018.

Right next to it there is a lake called Sopot’s “Morskie Oko”, which, thanks to its location, is surrounded by greenery and forest. It owes its eloquent name to the composer and musician Feliks Nowowiejski. The lake was created in the 1930s and is the largest reservoir in Sopot. Both facilities are located near the Forest Opera.



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