The Łupawa Route – the wild side of adventure

Wild, challenging, beset with long and fast, mostly stony rapids, gorges and blocked by trees – this is the Łupawa. Embarking on this trip guarantees extreme experiences and the extraordinary adventure of the waves getting into the canoe. The multitude of alternative ways offered by the emerging islets and the fragments of the old forest strewn all around imbues the landscapes with a magical look. This can especially be said of the section between Kozin and Damno Młyn, which is recommended only for experienced canoeists. It holds unforgettable experiences and you can get a taste of a truly crazy highland river adventure. Below Damno the river becomes calmer, although the riverbed can still surprise you with occasional fallen trees, which grow fewer as you proceed.

The upper course of the route is calm. It passes through several Kashubian lakes and is fit for beginners. The river flows into the sea in Rowy, but the trip must end in Gardna Mała. Canoes are not allowed on Lake Gardno, which falls within the limits of the Slovincian National Park. In taking this route, the Łupawa’s tributary, the Bukowina is often used as a prelude. This challenging river leaves no space for learning. Beautiful and unusually “green”, it puts you in a position where you need to make the most of your skills and react swiftly to the constantly changing conditions.

The Łupawa Route: 92 km

The recommended route: Obrowo – Gardna Mała

Number of days: 6

Difficulty: upper course (lakes): easy; middle course (Kozin – Damno Młyn): extreme;

lower course: medium

Number of portages: 10

Tributaries: the Bukowina (route: 19km/1 day/hard)



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