EuroVelo routes in the Pomorskie Voivodeship

Discover the Pomorskie sections of international EuroVelo routes. Enjoy the sea breeze and the atmosphere of the Baltic beaches on EuroVelo 10/13. Follow the EuroVelo9 trail along the Vistula, learning about the heritage and peculiarities of the queen of Polish rivers.

The journey along the Pomorskie section of EuroVelo 10/13 is a one of its kind trip that will provide a lot of good energy, amazing adventures, many unique and non-obvious places and valuable monuments. The variety of attractions here is unprecedented. Sometimes we drive through the lush and dense forest near Choczewo or along the paths of the Slowinski National Park, and other times we blend into the holiday atmosphere of seaside resorts in Ustka, Leba, Wladysławowo or Krynica Morska. Sometimes we pass through the centres of large cities (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot) and sometimes we “break” through Blota (Mud): Karwienskie or Moscie. The specific seaside atmosphere and proximity of the Baltic Sea accompanies us almost along the entire stretch, and we can experience the presence of the sea while blissfully resting on the beach or admiring panoramas from numerous viewpoints.

EuroVelo 10 / 13, miejsce postojowe dla rowerzystów w Pucku, fot.

Details about EuroVelo 10/13 can be found HERE

EuroVelo 9, which is part of the Vistula Cycle Route, has a completely different character. Its course is related to the Vistula and the area through which it flows. The landscape here is also very diverse. The northern part of the route, in the Low Lands, is dominated by plains. From the flood embankments we admire the landscape, which is a bit monotonous but not devoid of charm. However, we have the Vistula River at our fingertips, as well as regional buildings in the form of beautiful arcaded houses and charming village churches.

The middle section includes Kociewie, whose topography is somewhat reminiscent of Kashuby. There are hills from which you can admire vast panoramas. There are also cities rich in valuable monuments and attractive spaces (Tczew, Gniew) and areas completely remote from civilization.

The southern part, located on the eastern side of the Vistula River, is Powisle, a subregion with enormous potential not yet fully discovered by tourism. It is a land of Gothic castles (Kwidzyn, Sztum), mysterious ruins (Dzierzgon, Przezmark, Prabuty) and … the Vistula, which, thanks to its influence on this area, contributed to the creation of one of the most extraordinary hydrotechnical monuments in Pomerania – a unique set of locks in Biala Gora. This is undoubtedly the gem of the Vistula Cycle Route/EuroVelo 9.

EuroVelo 9 / WTR - Tczewskie Bridges, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

EuroVelo 9 / WTR - Tczewskie Bridges, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

Details about EuroVelo 9 / Vistula Bicycle Route can be found HERE

Pomorskie has 4 long-distance bicycle routes creating a wealth of history, landscapes and experiences. A cycling adventure awaits!

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