The New Jury House (The Gdańsk Hall)

Its interior, which is referred to as the Gdańsk Hall, contains the hall furnishings of a 17th and 18th Century patrician house. The building has a gothic facade, Renaissance portal and baroque peak. Between the middle ages and the beginning of the 18th Century, it was the home of patrician families. It was later merged with Artus Manor and hosted jury courts from 1709. This is indicated by the statue of Justice on the top of the tenement. During the years 1901-1945, the authentic hall of this Gdańsk house hosted art exhibitions.

The maiden Hedwiga, a beautiful Gdańsk 17th Century townswoman, looks out of the window of the Gdańsk Hall every day at 1 pm, also at 3 pm and 5 pm during the season. Imprisoned by her uncle, she was the heroine of the old romance “Panienka z okienka” (The Maiden in the Window), written in 1891 by Jadwiga Łuszczewska (Deotyma).

The novel was read by successive generations of Poles, who later visited Gdańsk to look for the Amber House and await the window and the beautiful maiden.




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