Pomorskie Culinary Prestige

The "Gdańsk-Pomorskie Culinary Prestige" trail is, among other things, an offer to all those  amaterus of quality food offered by the Pomorskie region. The trail consists of restaurants that adhere to the “slow food” policy and offer meals prepared in accordance with it, basing on regional, European-quality high class products. The project is co-ordinated by the Pomorskie Tourist Board.


"Gdańsk-Pomorskie Culinary Prestige" is a whole-year offer that allows to discover region’s real flavors, deeply rooted in its history and unique products. The trail includes restaurants from all around Pomorskie region and whose chefs bring to you unforgettable taste experience. Original approach to tradition and regional products in the restaurants along the trail guarantees remarkable culinary experience.


However, it is not all about restaurant offer, but also several culinary events based on regional specialties and, in this way, complementing region’s offer. Among those worth mentioning are: Restaurant Night, Sopot Od Kuchni Slow Food Festival, Asparagus Feast, Chmielaton, Cranberry Festival, Strawberry Picking, St. Martin’s Pomorskie Goose or Pomuchla Festival.


All information on the restaurants and culinary events of the trail are available on a dedicated blog


Pieterwas Krew i Woda Restaurant (Blood&Water)


Ul. Antoniego Abrahama 41

81-382 Gdynia

Contact details:

Tel. +48 570 282 282

Restaurant has conquered the hearts of Tricity's (and not only) gourmets.

-What are our priorities? Quality, flavour, and atmosphere. It's these three elements combined that our guests appreciate and visit us for - say Marta & Mariusz Pieterwas, owners of Gdynia-based Pieterwas Krew i Woda restaurant.

- For three years, we have consistently built the brand of our restaurant, not only in Trójmiasto, but also across Poland. And we have been successful, as the name of the restaurant, our name, but also our philosophy have become known in many places across the country. At the end of April, 2018, we were awarded the Golden Fork in "Warszawa na widelcu" contest. It's all the more interesting if you take into consideration the fact that only Warsaw-based restaurants had taken part in the previous six editions of the contest - says Marta Pieterwas.

This award also proves that Pieterwas's restaurant is appreciated all across Poland.

-This year, we're focusing on Gdynia. There will be more opportunities to run into us in the restaurant. Our guests love it when Mariusz cooks for them. This is what they expect, it's one of the elements that make them visit us. We serve only what we would eat ourselves. We treat them as if they were guests in our home. We pay great attention to professional, though informal service. We believe that good vibes that we project onto our guests make them feel good, and they also project good vibes onto us. It's a self-propelled mechanism - says the owner.

High quality of products, simple recipes, and the flavour. These are the elements that make this Gdynia-based restaurant stand out of the crowd. The à la carte menu in Pieterwas Krew I Woda restaurant doesn't change, because that's what guests expect. Says Mariusz Pieterwas: - Our regular guests, especially those from outside the city, appreciate the fact that they can - at any time of the year - have their favourite Thai soup, or chicken livers. Currently, it's asparagus season. Here, of course, only Kashubian asparaguses, but from no single source. As long as they are available, we serve them with egg in panko, zander, and even lobster meat. Soon crayfish, flounder, and turbot will be available. However, we still sell enormous amounts of lobsters and oysters, which we import from different parts of the world.

Marta and Mariusz Pieterwas are avid travellers. When and if they have time, they enjoy travelling outside Trójmiasto, Pomorskie, Poland, and Europe. As they say, they find their travels an inspiring, and at the same time educational experience. From their travels, they bring not only new dishes, but also wines. Pieterwas Krew i Woda restaurant is famous for its original wines, imported from unobvious locations. - For us, wine selection is a meticulous process. We trust the best wine importers to help us. After our last year's trip through the Balkans, we re-discovered wine regions that are still not popular in Poland. These include Slovenia, Croatia, or even Hungary. And so, we have some unique wines from Slovenia's Gašper Čarman, some that can be found in London's finest restaurants. Furmint from Abraham Pince is a must, as it is a real game-changer when it comes to Tokay wines. Croatian sauvignon blanc from Galić, on the other hand, can be surprising especially for those who love this strain in wines from all across Europe - explains Marta Pieterwas.

In the meantime, various alcoholic tinctures are also made in the restaurant. Their flavours include rhubarb, raspberries, or gooseberries. Owners treat their guests to these tinctures, while they plan another visit to this excellent restaurant.

Foto: Łukasz Stafiej