The Northern Kaszuby. The sea side in the Kashubian version.

From Hel through Wladyslawowo till Bialogora. From Puck through Wejherowo till Sierakowice. The Northern Kaszuby along with the Landscape Seaside Park, it is a region which has a lot to offer. Opened to the Baltic Sea, friendly with Gdansk Bay, full of seaside landscapes and green hill. The Northern Kaszuby is one of the most popular touristic destination in Poland. Each year there are thousands of tourists coming here.

There is no reason to be surprised. The access to the sea it is a great advantage of the Northern Kaszuby. The touristic, as well as historical, architectural and cultural advantage  too.

The Hel Peninsula

The Hel Peninsula is unique in a European scale. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea and the Baltic Bay in the narrowest point, between Chalupy and Kuznica it is only 150 m wide! It is 34 km long and is curved at the end, looking like a scythe, Hel Peninsula is  a very divisive area when nature is concerned. There are pine forests, sand dunes and headlands here. Ornithologists appreciate different bird species flying over the peninsula and the biologists investigate the porpoises and the seals in the area.

The Hel Peninsula, Fot:

Hel Peninsula is a currently is a tourist attraction for those who like sunbathing, water sports and cycling. Big hotel and gastronomy facilities invites the tourists, as well as the clean beaches of Jastarnia or Jurata, Wladyslawowo, Karwia or Jastrzebia Gora. We can also find old wooden fishermen huts there – who were leaving, heading to the sea at the dawn. The lighthouses were showing them the way. The most famous is the one in Rozewie and the most beautiful in Stilo, near Sasin. Despite the fact, the fisherman boats are now more modern, we can still see the old fishing boat, called “Pomeranka” in the Fishing Museum in Hel. We shall find boats all along the sea shore. Form Wladyslawowo through the charming Jastrzebia Gora, where You can see the cliff, Karwia, till Debki, Piasnica and Bialogora.

  Beach near to Choczewo, Fot: UG Choczewo

Visiting the Nothern Kashuby we cannot miss Puck. It is a charming small town with the market square and the pier, from which there is a wonderful view to the , so called “Little sea”, as Kashubians called the Baltic Bay. Close by there is a Pomeranian Cistercian Trail and many small villages with typical local architecture . Most of the houses are typical wooden black and white constructions. Near the roads there are small chapels and road crosses, passing them we should stop and cross oneself.

Wejherowo and around

When talking about the spiritual issues, it is also worth going to the sanctuary in Swarzewo and the calvary in Wejherowo. “The Kashubian Jerusalem”, this is how people call the third oldest calvary in Poland. This place is visited by thousands of people every year.

The Northern Kashuby, it is also Zarnowiec with the Benedictine Abbey. Historians stress, that is it this region where sisterhoods (along with the Norbertine, also  Benedictine), in medieval age times developed the tradition of kashubian embroidery. If You prefer legends You should visit Gniewino, with their big Stolems, the giants, who love Kashubian bread with lard.

 Calvary in Wejherowo Fot.

The Northern Kashuby, those are also castles and mansions situated deeper in the region. Visiting the are You should definitely stop at Krokowa Castle, where duke von Krockow lived, Palace in Ciekocinko, where along with the great restaurant You will also find a stud farm, Wieniawa Palace in Rekowo or a mansion in Salino.

The Northern Kashuby, called “Norda” is a region which fascinate not only during summer time. Kashubian people invite during the Fall or Winter time, when there are less tourists, the landscapes, looking the same but with a different shape and the Kashubian food a  bit heavier and more tasty. 

Discover attractions in the Northen Kashuby

When you visiting Kashuby, it's worth visiting the Tricity, historical Gdansk, modernist Gdynia and spa in Sopot.

Meet Choczewo

For beautiful sandy beaches go to Lubiatowe, Słajszewo and Sasino. Fot. UG Choczewo

17 kilometres of sandy beaches, the reserve Sarbska Split nearby, beautiful and clean forests, Choczewskie and Kopalinskie Lakes. Discover Choczewo, the place where You can rest and regenerate Yours.

If You search for less crowded clean and wide beaches this place is for You. The near the sea place, situated in the Eastern part of Slowinskie Seashore offers special beaches in Lubiatowo, Slajszewo and Sasino. Choczewo is not only beautiful beaches but also many ways of spending Your free time in an active way or those who would like to rest in one of the agritourism farm.

Plan your trip

We recommend to drive along the route of the Mansions and Palaces of Northern Kashuby. Out of several tens of historical mansions of Pomerania several dozens were already reconstructed and were changed into hotels and restaurants, registered on  Gdansk – Pomeranian Culinary Prestige

Palace in Zwartowo, fot. UG Choczewo

The rest of the mansions are ruins and we can visit them only from the outside. Very interesting information for the gourmets is the fact that one of the firs dish, registered on the List of Traditional and Regional Product was one from Choczewo. Specialities like a Pomeranian duck, the herring form the baller in a sweet-sour sauce, a  Pomeranian bilberry with a pear, A cranberry with apple and  horseradish, Pomeranian dried boletus in a cream, a blueberry tincture or a Kashubian carrot cake, are now all over the local menus.

Local carrot cake, fot.


Planning You stay here remember about those places, as well many others which offer the true stay in places surrounded by the nature and the cuisine based on local and ecological products.

Stay active ich Choczewo

Choczewo is also a great place for active tourists. A thick net of the local asphalt and sand roads as well as well signed cycling paths invite You for discovering the region on the bicycle. There are 4 routs here:

  • 10 km green route around the Choczewskie Lake,
  • 9 km yellow route will take You straight to the sea,
  • 13 km blue rout along the seashore to Lubiatowska Dune,
  • 23 orange route from the Amber Promenade, trough the Kopalino, Sasino and Slajewo with the beautiful lighthouse – Stilo.

Directions indicators, fot. UG Choczewo

For the fans of Nordic walking and strolling, there are well signed walking paths  and interesting nature – forest path, called “The glasswork”, where on the12 stops, the forest life was described.


Let’s go for fishing

The two lakes here, Choczewskie and Kopalinskie will bring a lot of fun for the fishermen… The first one is in the “Choczewo -  Salinski Protected Area” and has the area of 183 ha, and the deepest point is 12.9 m. It is an excellent place for the rest or for the fishermen too. There are many tench fish and common breams here but also carp fish, ells and perch fish.


The second (Kopalinskie Lake) is a small, charming lake which is a former bay cut off from the Baltic with a wide line of forested dunes. It has 8,37 ha and the depth around 3 m. There is a very popular camp there, where You can rent boats and kayaks. For the fishermen there waiting: common bream fish, crucian carp, roach fish, perch fish and eels. You have to buy the fishing permission  in the Choczewo Forest Office (Choczewo, Świerkowa Street 8, tel: 58 572-26-00). To the Choczewskie Lake You can get from three ways: Perlin, Choczewo or Starbienie.

Stilo Lighthouse

It also worth visiting the Osetnik place (former Stilo), close to Sasin. In the forested dune around 1000 metres from the shore there is a Stilo lighthouse. Due to the several sea tragedies people already in XIX c. demanded building a lighthouse East from Łeba. It was built in 1906. The designer of this beautiful lighthouse was Walter Korte. Made of prepared sections, the lighthouse is 34 metres high. First the power was the gas  but before WWII it was changed for the bulb powered by the near by generator. Since 1975 the lighthouse is powered by the electricity. At the sea shore a former sound device to inform the sailors about the coming fog. Since 1992 the lighthouse is opened for visitors. It is situated between the Lighthouse in Czołpino and the Lighthouse in Rozewie.

Stilo lighthouse, fot. UG Choczewo