Route no. 6 Stilo (red)

After leaving the car park we walk along a wide alley passing two route junctions on the way. At the first one we can do some exercises using to help of the exercise board located there and measure pulse using the table shown on the board of the pulse measuring point. Than, after 2,1km we reach no 52 entrance to the beach and we turn left before it. A moment later we reach top of the highest dune in the area, with a 360- degree panorama. Following the route and passing Stilo forest stable we reach no 53 entrance. We enter the beach and walk along it for about 400m until we reach no54 entrance. From here we can see the masts of the wreck of ‘West Star’ sticking out from the sea. Now we enter the forest, vertically to the beach. Proceeding along the route we see waterlogged area around us. Than we reach the charming dunes again. After 8,1km from the beginning of the route the green route joins on the right. After nearly 2km leaving the road paved with concrete slabs we close the loop. After another few hundred metres we undo the straps of our poles in the car park.




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